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MacArthur Street Larder

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About us

We're a small café/restaurant located in the most beautiful city in Australia: Ballarat

Our shop caters to those seeking a return to original style home-cooked meals, excellent coffee, and treats that should satisfy just about anyone who seeks high quality, fresh ingredients and healthy choices. 

The food: 

All credit to Cindy Stockdale who created all the dishes on offer, with a focus on healthy ingredients and natural flavours. Our cook, Coco, is the talent in the kitchen who consistently produces the high standards our diners have come to expect. (No to margarine, yes to butter, no to canola oil, yes to grapeseed, no to bleached sugar, yes to raw! and the list goes on) Eat real food and you'll feel real too!

The beverages:

Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate,'s all here!
Coffee and tea is provided by Padre Coffee of East Brunswick, they're an obsessive bunch of roasters and grinders who source beans from all over the world to bring you incredible single origin and seasonal blends. Read more about them here:

The people:

Sean (Proprietor) from Kenya (I was born in Kenya, but spent most of my formative years in Saudi Arabia and England, came to Australia in 1986 and again in 1999 and remained since) speaks English/Swahili
Julie (Manager) from Kenya (I was born in Kenya and grew up there too, but completed my high school years in Denmark, came to Australia with Sean in 1999) speaks English/Swahili/Danish
Coco (Cook) from Togo (Arrived in Australia in 2016 and has been with the Larder since 2017) speaks English/French/Ewe
Taylor (Barista/customer service) from Australia (Ballarat local) 
Donna (Barista/customer service) from Kenya (I was born in Kenya, came to Australia when I was only 5 with my parents Sean & Julie, and my little sister, Sally) speaks English/Bislama
Sally (Barista/customer service) from Kenya (I was born in Kenya, came to Australia when I was only 2 with my parents Sean & Julie, and my big sister, Donna) speaks English/Japanese
Samantha (Barista/customer service) from Australia (Ballarat girl, I too was spawned by Sean & Julie, I help everyone in the caf
 and look after the kids needs and the kids room, I'm a special effects make-up artist so quite often I'm not around as my work can keep me away for days or weeks at a time)



Padre Coffee
Padre Coffee

We can be very particular (some would say obsessive) about the way it is produced, prepared and presented.

Our dedicated roasting team put all of their time and energy into the curation of a diverse, accessible and ever-changing range of premium single origin and blended coffee beans, which we’re proud to source from traders and farmers all around the world that know the value of quality and believe - as we do - in ethical and sustainable production.

We roast our coffee in small, loving batches; juggling time, temperature and air-flow to create a fulfilling flavour profile for each bean. It's a pleasure to taste and test our coffee exhaustively, and to brew with the very best equipment. At Padre we drink coffee every way we know how, and are devoted to the education and information that will help our customers to get the best out of every cup.

The food!
The food!

We partner with local suppliers to bring you the freshest ingredients every day. Wilsons for fruit and vegetables, and Davis for meats and poultry, both of whom have the highest standards and support local growers and farmers. With daily deliveries, and every meal prepared on the day, food couldn't get any fresher, it makes all the difference in the world. We guarantee you'll feel good after every meal, after all, that's the whole idea when you want to dine out. You need to know where your food comes from, what goes into it, preparation, and that every step of the way, hygiene, professionalism and very tasty food is what is presented to you on your plate.